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Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Comprehensive Real Estate and Property Management Services

Moecker Brokers, a full service commercial and residential real estate and property management firm. With offices located across the State of Florida, the professional staff at Moecker Brokers offers years of experience in the real estate industry. We concentrate on Florida properties and are recognized as the firm of choice for court-ordered liquidations and sale of real estate assets in the Florida market.
Moecker Brokers provides clients with a full complement of real estate services structured into five core areas of service:

  • Commercial and residential sales
  • Receivership duties
  • Site inspections
  • Property Management / Asset management services

Full Service of Real Property Asset Management

Moecker Brokers also offers a broad scope of asset management services, ranging from property management to disposal of tenant assets for landlords. Due to the demand in courts and clients, Moecker created real property services that are designed to support and facilitate the Moecker team’s role as the court-appointed receiver during liquidation and foreclosure proceedings but can be tailored for the private sector as well.

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