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U.S. Bankruptcy Court Engagements

Trusted Reputation and Strong Financial Background

Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. is well known throughout Florida and the Southeast U.S. for its financial knowledge and ability to manage highly complex insolvency proceedings. We are frequently retained to serve in a variety of roles in connection with proceedings before the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, including:

Liquidating Trustee. Due to the strong reputation that Moecker has, Creditor Committees frequently recommend our services to the court. When appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to serve as Liquidating Trustee, we work to conclude the liquidation plan and sale of a bankrupt company’s assets, and our strength in forensic research allows us to investigate possible causes of action generating a stronger return for final distribution to creditors.

Litigation Trustee. Our firm is often appointed by the Bankruptcy Court to serve as Litigation Trustee in complex Chapter 11 proceedings. In our role as Litigation Trustee, we are responsible for initiating and managing legal actions in court against third parties in order for such possible causes of action to maximize recovery for the benefit of the estate and its beneficiaries.

Plan Administrator. As a court appointed Plan Administrator in bankruptcy proceedings, we work in the best interests of all beneficiaries. Our duties include carrying out the confirmed plan, overseeing the management of Trust Assets, monitoring transactions and conduct for potential abuse, and providing documents and reports required pursuant to the proceedings.

Chapter 11 Trustee. When selected to serve as a trustee in Chapter 11 cases, we are responsible for overseeing the operations of the debtor, monitoring reorganization and repayment plans, and making recommendations to all interested parties. As a Chapter 11 trustee, we serve as a neutral party throughout the course of all proceedings.

Court Examiner. As a court examiner, we are appointed by the courts to investigate and report the status of an ongoing business, including business viability, related party transactions, management capability, fraudulent transfers and professional consultation. We thoroughly review all aspects of the company in order to make recommendations to the courts on the best way to resolve any disputes that the company is currently facing.