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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cases come to Michael Moecker & Associates?

  • A debtor may voluntarily seek assistance
  • A lawyer or accountant may refer a client
  • A creditor may refer a debtor who expressed willingness to negotiate
  • A creditor may ask us to contact a debtor who is known to be expressing financial difficulties in order to call a meeting of creditors

What is the role of lawyers and accountants?

  • Lawyers and accountants work closely with Michael Moecker & Associates on both sides of the negotiations
  • If representing a debtor, either may engage Michael Moecker & Associates as a neutral forum for an out-of-court resolution to the client’s problem. Often it is the only recourse other than a more costly, unappealing bankruptcy petition, and it alleviates the administrative burdens on an attorney
  • Creditors committees often employee an attorney to provide legal advice or draft formal opinions, agreements and other documents

What do the Michael Moecker & Associates services cost?

  • Michael Moecker & Associates is compensated for its work either on a percentage of the proceed of the liquidation basis like a bankruptcy trustee or on a billable hours plus out-of-pockets cost basis, depending on the requirements of the case.
  • Additional information on fees available upon request