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Helping Our Clients Realize Optimal Returns

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. has the knowledge, skills and business acumen necessary to help clients resolve their most difficult financial challenges. Whether we are developing a liquidation plan, overseeing the interim management of a company, executing a workout agreement, or providing other critical services in connection with insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, the Moecker team adheres to the highest professional standards. We craft individualized solutions that achieve maximum value for the clients we serve.


When a company is in financial trouble and eligible for an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC), Moecker serves as the assignee responsible for developing a comprehensive liquidation plan for the debtor in order to maximize value for the creditors. Business owners and boards of directors personally select our firm as the assignee because we offer a team of business professionals experienced in working with all types of companies across all economic sectors. As the assignee, we implement all aspects of the liquidation plan with the goal of obtaining the highest liquidation value for both tangible and intangible assets. The Moecker team is sympathetic and understands the difficult predicaments business owners struggle with when a business is going through a difficult time. high-stakes lawsuit surfaces or the costs of goods used in production soar. Our role is to help our clients find the best path to resolve their issues so they can put the past behind them and move forward with their lives.

Lending Institutions & Private Equity Investors

When a lending institution’s client defaults on a loan the Moecker firm is regularly called upon by those banks to act as a fiduciary receiver or workout liaison with the primary goal of protecting and maximizing the bank’s collateral. The same can be said for private equity investors who wish to divest themselves from a business through a proper wind down process. The Moecker team is comprised of business-minded professionals with the expertise needed to secure maximum value for our clients regardless of the size or complexity of the situation.


Taking over the management of a company as the personal representative appointed by the probate court can be a challenging undertaking. In many situations, the personal representative will be unfamiliar with complex company operations and, in some cases, the decedent may have owned and operated multiple businesses. In these situations, Moecker professionals are appointed to serve as “personal representatives or curators” during the probate proceedings. As curators, we are responsible for overseeing the continuation of the day-to-day business with the goal of the sale of the company and/or the winding down of its affairs. Business owners also request that our firm be named as the personal representative in their wills to ensure that their businesses are properly wrapped up or sold upon their passing.

Family Office – Protecting the Interests

The professionals at Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. have extensive experience serving the unique and diverse needs of the family office. When the future of the family office is put in jeopardy or becomes tarnished because one of its companies is embroiled in high risk litigation, our team is well equipped to help our clients find the best path to put the matter to rest discreetly.

Lawyers and other professionals operating in the wealth management industry are familiar with the work that we do because we “fly under the radar.” When the stakes are at their highest, these individuals look to our firm to develop a plan for divestiture that safeguards the interests of the family office. In these situations, our objective is to sell off the assets of the company and pay off creditors quickly and confidentially, so that the family office is not forced to resort to court proceedings which are often lengthy and public.