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IT & Document Logistical Support

MMA Operations

MMA Operations, Inc. is a recognized leader in the record management of insolvent businesses. Our firm is well positioned to deliver the internal, IT and logistical support necessary to effectively image a company’s data and documents.

Moecker Operations, our information technology and document logistical support company, offers a comprehensive range of services associated with collecting, identifying, processing and reviewing electronic and hard copy data and documents. These services include:

• Physically retrieving hard copy (paper) documents
• Converting hard copy data to an electronic format via high speed scanning
and assigning a Bates number, allowing us to sort and examine information in a forensic matter
• Retrieving electronic documents, data, pictures, images and emails from hard drives, servers and other storage devices
• Researching and reviewing pertinent data and documents that may be requested for analysis by fiduciaries and lawyers
• Providing onsite storage of computers, data and documents

Our firm has the capability to physically go on location and/or into a cloud to capture data from computers, networks and hard copy sources, and are particularly adept at taking down entire computer systems; bringing them into our offices and then getting them back up on line.

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