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Meet our Fiduciaries

Michael Moecker, Chairman

Michael Moecker brings over thirty years of management experience to his position as Chairman of Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. Prior to founding the Moecker company , he served as the President and a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Credit Management of Florida, Inc. With his extensive knowledge and vast case experience, Michael decided to fill an important market need by creating the company. Michael is a seasoned executive who has served as an assignee, a court appointed receiver, and Secretary to Creditors’ Committee in Bankruptcy and informal workouts. He frequently oversees the interim management of businesses and also serves as a Bankruptcy Liquidating Trustee. Michael has been an assignee for a number of high profile cases, always ensuring their swift resolution.

Philip J. von Kahle, President

As the President of the company, Phil is responsible for overseeing every aspect of its operations. He serves as the assignee in Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) cases, executes workout agreements, and is a Court Appointed Receiver, Chapter 11 Trustee, Liquidating Trustee, Court Examiner, Curator and Conservator. A former turnaround management expert with emphasis in operations and marketing, Phil is very aware of the adversarial effects companies endure when engaged in insolvency proceedings. He takes these internal and external influences into full consideration and develops tailored marketing plans for each case. Phil has also been engaged as a successor Fiduciary in a number of federal and state court cases throughout Florida involving unique issues.

Mark C. Healy, Executive Vice President

Prior to joining the company in 2009, Mark worked in commercial banking for sixteen years. He also spent four years serving as a CFO for a residential developer and golf course management company. In his work with the company, Mark has managed multiple insolvency cases in the state of Florida. He has been appointed in state and federal court as a Receiver, Assignee, Chapter 11 Trustee, Liquidation Agent, Chief Restructuring Officer, Special Master, Distribution Agent and Manager. These assignments have spanned a broad range of industries including retail, medical, hospitality, IT equipment and services, military, government, automotive, construction, financial services, non-profit and import/export. Several of his cases have also involved managing and marketing of multiple types of commercial and residential properties. Mark has additionally been recognized in federal court as an expert witness in Chapter 11 plan confirmation proceedings.

Michael Phelan, Director

Michael Phelan, a Harvard MBA, joined the company in 1999. Michael has spent the majority of his career as a business consultant helping small and mid-sized companies through the challenges of planning, marketing and financing. He also leverages his background in turnaround management to offer focused expertise in the stabilization of companies facing financial difficulties. In his previous role as President of the company, Michael managed highly complex assignment cases, including assignments outside of Florida and cases with large asset pools located overseas. Michael also served as an Assignee, administers Receiverships, and is a Chapter 11 Trustee, Chief Restructuring Officer and Liquidating Trustee.